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Iniohos Advisory Services is an independent financial consulting company that aims to provide top-end investment solutions to HNW individuals and institutional investors, ranging from proactive investment advise and research to tailor made investment services. At the core of the investment decision-making is thorough independent research, as we believe that independence leads to originality. Quantitative analysis adds considerable value to any investment process, as it leads to disciplined decision-making, less anchoring to a set of beliefs, and, consequently, to more objective investment advise. Moreover, as risk is time varying, risk monitoring and control have become a must, in order to enhance the risk adjusted return of any investment.

​The company’s investment philosophy is based on the value of a sound investment strategy and a disciplined approach to developing, devising and implementing every solution that our team of high caliber, experienced investment professionals delivers. To achieve discipline, we employ independent research, quantitative models and meticulous risk management. Independent research reduces the risk of biased investment choices; quantitative modeling leads to controlled and objective decision-making, while active risk management substantially limits downside risk. The end objective being, to create value by enhancing the risk-return characteristics of investment decisions.

Our team of highly experienced investment professionals employs independent research, quantitative analysis and meticulous risk management in order to deliver innovative and original financial and investment solutions.

Our services cover the areas of investment and macroeconomic research, investment strategy and asset allocation, financial modeling, risk management, financial and business consulting.

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